Cleaning gel

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Directions for use: Brush your bag to remove dust. Using a damp cloth, apply a dab of gel to the leather and rub to remove stains. Remove the excess with a cloth. We advise you to leave the leather to rest for 15 minutes, then proceed to the second step of our ritual.

Plant origin, contains non-iconic surfactants 5-15%.bottle of 100 mlLike your skin, your leathers deserve all our attention! To magnify their patina, follow our 2-step ritual. All our products are of vegetable origin and made in France. Your piece of leather goods accompanies you everywhere. To care for it, gently remove all the impurities that accumulate on a daily basis using our cleansing gel. With one wipe, it eliminates accidents!Packed by us with care, and without indication of the price, your package is ready to be offered. To know more about it
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The Taurillon full grain leather combines suppleness and silkiness in a very elegant way. This exceptional leather is worked in a thickness of more than 2 mm to highlight its natural grain. It is uniform and regular to offer you a piece of traditional leatherwork. Full grain leather is a leather whose surface has remained intact and natural. It is the noblest part of the leather. The one we prefer.