Waterproofing spray for leather

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Directions for use: spray the product evenly over the entire piece of leather goods, keeping a distance of 15cm. With a cloth, wipe off the excess and leave to dry for 30 minutes. Keep out of reach of children. Try first on a less visible part.

Plant origin, contains non-iconic surfactants 5-15%.bottle of 100 mlLike your skin, your leathers deserve all our attention! To magnify their patina, follow our 2-step ritual. All our products are of plant origin and made in France. Your piece of leather goods goes with you everywhere. Once the material is clean, it is important to come and nourish it so that it releases all its beauty. Apply our nourishing milk, rich in beeswax and natural ingredients, to provide all the necessary nutrients for your smooth and grained leathers. Packed by us with care, and without indication of the price, your package is ready to be offered. To know more about it
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Leather chosen with care
Have you ever touched one of our creations? The texture, the grain, the soft yet resistant leather... It’s all a question of craftsmanship and care and a very studied number of steps we take before our designs fall into your hands. To make sure your Le Tanneur items remain beautiful and soft, we’ve developed a guide on how to care for your leather.