Our ideas for the perfect gifts

Our ideas for the perfect gifts

At Le Tanneur, we love imagining the perfect presents, crafting them in our ateliers, as well as helping you find them when the moment arrives. For though the occasion presents itself each year, finding the ideal Christmas gifts for your loved ones often becomes a last-minute challenge.

This year, we’re dreaming of a Christmas that inspires. The right gift for the right person… What do you say?

Christmas for her

Our bags

Head directly towards our leather bags. We’ve imagined them in all shades and sizes – at times in coated fabric, others with printed motifs. There’s something for every use and way of being carried, whether it be by hand, shoulder or crossbody.

Our jewelry cases

As elegant as they are practical, our jewelry cases are among the most surprising presents to find under the Christmas tree. They undoubtedly make for some of the best gift ideas.

Ideal for him

Our bags

For men, turn to our leather document holders. Here, timelessness lies at the heart of creativity, and their everyday practicality is renowned by all, making them a sure bet.

Our watch cases

Like jewelry cases, watch cases are an original idea to surprise, and are just as elegant as they are practical to use each day. For some, they’re even the definition of the ideal gift.

A love for small leather goods

Small pieces require highly-skilled savoir-faire, beginning with their conception. The most beautiful creations aren’t necessarily the largest ones. Therefore, you can always count on these small – and nonetheless elegant – leather gifts.

Our gift sets

You can also opt for our gift sets, curated by hand with care. Two leather pieces for an understated touch that will surprise even more than just one.

To finish

If you’re seeking even more inspiration, know that there is also an entire range of care products to uncover. As resistant and beautiful as our leather may be, it still requires some attention. As they say, the greatest gifts are those that last.

You can also explore our selection of gifts under 100€.