Our Heritage

As an expert in the field of small leather goods, the one that you wear closest to you and that requires a work of great precision, we pay a particular attention to beautiful materials as well as to the finishing touches.

From full-grain leather to the finesse of a clasp, we leave no stone unturned.

Since 1898, we have been imagining, designing and manufacturing noble and essential bags and accessories that stand the test of time, without getting wrinkled.

Catering to men and women with a taste for the timeless, Le Tanneur offers an exclusive collection of leather goods to wear daily and love forever.

Our history

A century old brand born in France

The story Le Tanneur begins in the heart of an optimistic and carefree Belle Epoque. From its beginnings, it has been nourished by a French way of life and has always remained faithful to its founding principles and its primary ambition:

"To embody French elegance and transmit our love of beautiful materials and well-finished leather goods. »


Sir Bonnardel, a creative craftsman and Sir Bornex, an outstanding tanner come together to etablish a new leather goods company : Le Tanneur.


The first creation of the brand nicknamed "Le Sans couture" wins the silver prize at the Universal Exhibition in Paris. Still manufactured today Le Sans couture has become the icon of the House.


The Tanner equips the french military men of the First World War with gaiters.


Lead by Mr Gianinetto, Le Tanneur becomes synonymous with the perfect gift.


Le Tanneur hits the road with massive advertising campaigns, distributing up to 1 million catalogues.


Le Tanneur creates the famous Tann's backpacks dedicated to all school children in France.


Le Tanneur injects colour and a fashion vibe into its collections, thereby attracting modern women.


With over 60 points of sales and an e-shop, Le Tanneur pursues its international expansion, building ties in Russia, Middle East and China


The Tolomei group becomes the majority shareholder and refocuses the brand on style and know-how.


La Maison Le Tanneur is 120 years old! More than a century spent talking to you about leather and beautiful materials, and it continues!

Our Values

One big happy family

We're always welcome at Le Tanneur!

We value family. That is why we love to have people stop by so feel free to let yourself in whether it be in our stores in our offices or on social media. We’re always happy to see you.

Imagine to create

We’re full of ideas but we develop them carefully to make sure our designs are both practical and beautiful with one main objective in mind– to make your daily life easier.

All our designs are created to last and to love.

Ingenuity is our business!

Beautiful outside, beautiful inside

Designed by us for you, our linings and pockets are practical and durable. Tested and (re)tested by our teams, we redesign our pieces until we find the interior design that suits you.

120 years of leather craftsmanship: We know our leather!

Timeless in every way

Our pieces know time very well, they have been resisting it for the past 120 years wich is why we make sure our designs do not go out of style. The use of quality materials and full grain leather means that in two or three years, your goods will be even prettier than they are today. And just like that, effortlessly, our leather doesn't age!