Maître maroquinier

There are only a few houses that master the art of leather goods such asLe Tanneur.

We are not a fashion brand, an accessories brand, or even a lifestyle brand.

We are simply a ‘maitre maroquinier’ and have been so, for over 120 years.

Inspired by the master craftsmen of medieval Europe, the expression "master leatherworker" refers to craftsmen who are trained and master the art of leatherwork.

French know-how

The key to quality lies in the materials we use, the colours we create and the skills we master.

Did you know?

What it takes to become a master

Splitting, skiving, glazing, satin-finishing are technical steps and terms that only leather artisans truly master. The smaller the item, the more technical skills are required. It takes several years to fully master the art of making a ‘Sans Couture’ by hand.

Not all leathers are created equal...

At Le Tanneur our leather of choice is full grained. Resistant, noble and durable it is simply the finest of leathers. Over time this leather acquires a beautiful patina and loses of it's elegance.

In love with colour

At Le Tanneur, we don't simply chose colours. We create them with our tanneries. Charcoal black, Walnut brown, Nopal blue, Papaya red, Curcuma yellow or simply Le Tanneur electric blue, we love nothing more than twisting French leather classics with vibrant colours.